Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Google variant of Twitter

Many people persist in believing wrongly that Twitter is strictly for the birds. Often, this merely means that they've misunderstood what it's all about, or that they haven't yet got around to trying it out in a hands-on fashion.

Google has just announced its own variant of this kind of communications device. It's called Google buzz. Click the banner to access an article that describes the tool, or watch the following video:

Personally, I haven't yet got around to trying to use it. I'll keep you informed, through my blog, of my buzz experience.

BREAKING NEWS: I've just received an invitation from Google to get started as a buzzer. So, I've sent my first buzz... about feeding the birds in the snow. My buzz name (I believe) is William Skyvington. So, if you happen to be a buzzer, please let me know if you can find me, and please tell me your buzz name. For the moment, I'm not too sure what it's all about.


  1. These things are being invented faster than I can use them. I still haven't tried Twitter!

  2. It's easy to use Twitter. Three steps:

    1. To start, all you need is a nice short name... such as Wombat, for example. (You'll need to check that your suggested name is still available.)

    2. Next, you should send out your very first tweet, of no more than 140 characters. Maybe something highly spiritual such as, say: "What the bloody hell can I say in 140 characters?"

    3. Finally, you can tell all your friends that you have a Twitter name... then wait to see what happens.