Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Exceptional events

Yesterday, people throughout the world were startled to hear about the Hollywood-style treatment of mysterious stone boxes that might have contained the bones of Jesus of Nazareth, his friend Mary of Magdala and maybe their child named Judah. On that same day, the San Diego Catholic diocese filed for bankruptcy protection in the hope of avoiding lawsuits from 150 individuals who alleged they had been sexually abused by priests. Obviously, the two happenings are totally unconnected, but it's intriguing to realize that these two high-profile events took place simultaneously on the seventh day of Lent 2007. God only knows what's in store for Christians by the time Easter arrives. Maybe even a miracle...

Maybe we'll learn that it was Pandora herself who brought these charming boxes to the quiet garden suburb of Talpiot (Hebrew term meaning armory), to the south of Jerusalem.

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