Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Time for a G change

A year ago, when the French telecom people wired up Pont-en-Royans and Choranche in such a way that I could finally have broadband access to the Internet, I was annoyed to find myself sucked into signing up for a year with the ISP [Internet service provider] called Wanadoo/Orange, which is in fact an emanation of the state-owned France Télécom organization. As soon as this contract terminates, in a month or so, I intend to switch to a more friendly French ISP: Free, which already accommodates most of my Internet creations [as can be seen in the list of my websites]. From that point on, my current e-mail address will be obsolete. This old address can already be replaced by any of the following valid personal e-mail addresses, all of which I consult daily:

I've just learned that an extraordinary e-mail possibility, called Gmail, is now being offered free to everybody by Google. [Click the image to visit Gmail.] My new e-mail address within this system is Please use it!

After having examined closely the advantages of the Gmail system, I would advise everybody to join up. For example, in Australia, as weird as it might sound, I have certain relatives and friends to whom I cannot send e-mail [with certainty that it will be delivered], because of the idiotic behavior of a few Aussie ISPs [including, above all, Big Pond]. If everybody had a sound Gmail address, this ridiculous problem would cease to exist. So, it's time for a G change!


  1. I have been searching for this picture of dad and son with a baguette for a long time. When I was a little girl, I had family in Fredericksburg, VA and there was a cafe called Sammy T's and this picture was framed behind the bar. I know my dad always loved it and I thought it would be a really neat Father's Day gift to somehow find it and get it framed for him. I was just wondering where I can find this picture, because it looks like its been cropped to fit the page. If you could help I would really appreciate it!

  2. I don't recall having seen the photo you're searching for. The most famous photo of a child with a baguette is the one by Willy Ronis (which I intend to use in one of my forthcoming blog posts). Then there's a famous image of a man with a baguette attached to the rear back of his bicycle. If ever I happened to come across the photo that you're seeking, I'll let you know.