Saturday, February 3, 2007

Sophia's treasure

A dog and its bone. What could be more trivial? Hardly worth a blog post. I'm sorry to disagree, but it is! Sophia's bone is a treasure, and the value of a treasure can't be expressed in mundane terms. A treasure is unworldly. For earthlings such as Sophia, it's a taste of paradise. Besides, the aroma of the molecules gives the impression that there might still be a little bit of life in this bone fragment. Sophia likes to grab the bone in her jaws, race around, toss it up into the air and then nudge it with her paws as soon as it falls to the ground, as if it might be coaxed into trying to run away, like a doomed mouse. But the bone stays put. It knows that it would be silly to try to escape from an animal such as Sophia. The bone—maybe the phantom of the dead beast—seems to take passive pleasure in remaining the dog's playmate.

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