Monday, June 25, 2007

Dusty dog

I would have imagined naively that the big wicker basket I purchased recently for Sophia would be the nec plus ultra in the way of canine accommodation. Error!

Sophia has dug up this dust bath in front of the house. The donkeys, too, love to bathe in dust. I end up believing that dust is a primordial element, no less attractive than green grass, water or snow (in the case of a Labrador animal such as my dear Sophia). The biblical oldtimer who came out with the "dust to dust" expression knew what he was talking about.


  1. "Dust to dust" ? I don’t know.

    May be, they just continue to behave like animals, in spite the fact that they are considered as "domestic animals", or "animaux d’hommestique", as Lacan said.

    One year ago, I bought two baskets for my cats (one for each cat), called "British Comfort". They (the baskets) looked pretty comfortable to me. My cats don’t seem to be particularly impressed: they use them every now and then, but they prefer sleeping on the carpet, or – I must admit – on my armchairs...

  2. Talking about cats, the latest issue of the US magazine Scientific American can be downloaded free (exceptionally, for promotional reasons, because they're launching a new layout) from, and it contains an excellent article on the origins of the cat family. Here at Gamone, I've had many cats from time to time, but they've always remained essentially wild. (The correct adjective is "feral", because the expression "wild cat" has another meaning. So, I should speak of "feral domestic cats".) A few days ago, I noticed a pair of kittens on the road alongside Gamone Creek. But, when I stopped the car and got out, they raced away into the weeds. I believe they manage to survive by capturing rodents, but they finally get devoured by foxes. Often, such cats have moved into the attic at Gamone, and I've fed them regularly, but it's impossible to get close enough to touch them.

  3. Thank you for this link. I didn't know this magazine. It looks interesting. I'll have a look at it regularly.