Monday, August 6, 2007

Back home (for a day) after England

Upon returning to Gamone after a five-day excursion to England, I was thrilled to discover that Manya had installed elegant new curtains in the living room.

My dog Sophia was excited to see me once again. In fact, she and Manya apparently got on fine together.

Tomorrow morning, I'll be setting off with Sophia in the train to Marseille for a three-day excursion in Provence with Natacha and Alain. Later on, when I'm back at Gamone, I'll describe my interesting trip to the UK, which was highly worthwhile from a family-history viewpoint.

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  1. Papa

    Je viens de survoler tous tes posts (qu'est-ce que tu es prolifique!) et je suis ravie de voir que les nouveaux rideaux ont reçu les honneurs de ton blog!