Monday, January 7, 2008

I have a theory

I love this deliberately-distorted image (by Jason Reed) of the Democratic candidate Barack Obama campaigning at Exeter High School in New Hampshire on January 6, 2008. He's aspiring to great heights, like a Gothic cathedral.

Yes, I have a theory... not just a dream. America might at last be fed up with dynasties... like the Ancient Egyptians, once upon a time. The Kennedy clan. The Bush father and his mentally-inadequate son. Now the legal wife of the big Clinton fucker.

Obama appears to us all as a new message from our primordial land of Africa. Personally, I love and admire the guy. He sounds solid.


  1. he is, at this point, the only candidate that doesn't depress, infuriate, or scare the shit out me. that is a cool picture.

  2. Tell me, Sue: As a young Texan woman, what do you think of the idea that Hillary Clinton might become the first female president of the USA. As much as I admire Obama, I'm not too dismayed by the idea that he could get beaten by Hillary. It's the ugly guys on the Republican side who frighten me.

  3. well, i'm not exactly the norm for young texas women (well, maybe i am for the chicks from Austin) but i wouldn't be upset if she made it. i think Obama is a little less divisive, and the hate that most republicans have for her would do us no good at all. i think in many respects a lot of people would oppose any of her ideas just on that hate alone whereas Obama might be able to induce a state of fewer knee-jerk reactions. i mean, the bottom line is that as much as i hate bush, most republicans hate Hillary more. now, that's one side of my practicality.

    on the other hand, maybe any woman with a real shot at the white house would be that divisive. and maybe you only see a Hillary who actually lives the life that gives her a shot at being president every 50 years or maybe who cares how much Hillary in the white house pisses off the republicans, it's an advance that should not be passed regardless of the waves it creates.

    i don't know, i'm really on the fence i guess. while the prospect of a female in office is very exciting to me as a woman, i'm not going to cast my vote on that quality alone anymore than i would want someone to vote for Obama simply because he is black (although i think that's a bit of apples and oranges there). truthfully, i'm kind of glad Texas doesn't play a big role in the primaries - i'd really have to do some soul searching.

    while writing this it has struck me that it's quite possible that many people don't understand the hate to which i refer. i commute 2 hours daily in the Dallas area and the "W" stickers (and all the other "clever" bush paraphernalia) is depressing, even at this point with his 30% approval rating. the hate that would ooze from this place with a Clinton candidate is indescribable.

    ugh - i'm going to drink a beer now.