Saturday, July 26, 2008

My sunbathed mountain

During the years from 1882 until 1885, the painter Paul Cézanne [1839-1906] produced some 80 images of the giant Sainte-Victoire mountain near Aix-en-Provence, trying to capture it in every imaginable context of weather, luminosity and hues.

In a hugely more modest fashion, I find myself behaving similarly, using a Nikon instead of watercolors, with respect to "my" mountain, the Cournouze.

I captured this twilight image late yesterday afternoon, when a final broad shaft of sunshine from the valley of the Bourne above Pont-en-Royans was hitting the tiny white church of Châtelus and the wooded slopes to the south.


  1. Beautiful pictures, wonderful text. Tnank you so much!

  2. Thank you for your kind comment, and the earlier one attached to an older post. I've been browsing through your own rich set of blogs, of a highly eclectic nature.

  3. Oh, my God. People have started looking at my blog; it's almost embarrassing, since I only put up things of interest to myself. A lot of things are highly personal and I have had to start removing them; me and my crazy life!

    You should definitely use some website traffic "trackers" as I do (you can see them on my blog) as you might be amazed at how many people do land on your site. I know I was absolutely floored by the amount of people coming from all over the world, even though there were practically NO comments.

    Hope you are having an enjoyable time in my beloved France. I have another email friend who lives near you, I think. She's from Iowa, of all places, married to a French man living in the Alps. Or somewhere in the mountains of France. Yours, CT