Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow gauge

My marble-topped café tables make a perfect snow gauge for Gamone.

The thickness of the snow layer, this afternoon, was 30 centimeters.


  1. Nice picture: two perfect snow cakes! That's a fair bit of snow. The other day we were promised (at Evian) "quelques flocons" and received about 10cm which certainly I do not consider to be a few flakes, but 30cm or a foot in real money(!) is something else of course.

  2. I've just heard, on TV, that there's an identical layer of snow, 30 cm thick, at Avignon in front of the Palace of the Popes. I've just been trying to tell an Australian friend that, in spite of all the snow and the low temperatures, few of us really suffer from the cold, because houses are designed to keep in the heat, and people wear appropriate warm clothing. Many Australians are anguished by the very notion of cold weather, which is something they don't understand.